6 Tips on Balancing Your Profession with Parenting

Balancing Career and Parenting

Children are always the best thing to happen and we are all excited to have these cute little sweethearts in our lives. It is essentially important for couples to plan their kids. You just afford all of this to happen accidently and suddenly the course of your life, your professional everything changes. If you are a working couple then planning becomes all the more important to you because that will help you make parenting with profession a lot easier and you would not freak out because you have a kid in your life.

This post unveils the 6 smart tips that help you juggle your profession with kids without letting you lose control of your life. So here you go…..

First Decide…. Mutually Decide

As stated above, don’t let pregnancy come as a shocking surprise to you rather plan it. Plan the time when you want the baby to arrive in your life once both of you are ready as a couple to take the responsibility. The man doesn’t have to assume that his wife is going to quit her job to do all the duties rather every decision has to be made like adults. Discuss and decide every point to have clarity about your life.

Plan on Raising the Kid

Yes it might sound too early but you have to draft a plan in advance about raising your kids because both of you are working. Deciding on having a nanny or putting your kid with your parents or enrolling your baby in your company’s crèche….. all these questions need to be answered in your plan. Each of these points is related with raising your kid once you are getting back into your working life.

Modification in Working Arrangement

You want to be around when your baby is growing, especially in the initial years. And for that you can work out some changes in the way you work. For instance, there are various companies offering work from home convenience that lets you work while taking caring of your kid at home. If your job requires you to travel a lot, you can seek a region where you can be placed for sometime without much moving around. Do not forget to ask favors from your colleagues.  A little change in working arrangement can make things a lot simpler for you.

Decide on Sharing Responsibilities and Time

Because both of you are working, you both cannot always be there with your kid and therefore you have to take time out to be there for your baby. You need to go for their PTA meetings, sports day, birthday celebrations, graduation ceremony and various other important events of life. You both need to make all possible efforts to bring the family together and make these important events special and memorable with your presence and participation.

House Help is the Best Help

It is really difficult to manage all the fronts. You cannot clean your home and cook dinner when you back from a hectic day at work and also spend time with your kid and husband. With such a routine, you will surely be out of fuel within no time. You must hire house help who can finish routine chores for you and let you have your time with your family. If you don’t want a 24*7 maid then you can have the ones visiting morning and evening, as per your comfort.

Optimum Use of Weekends

You know you are not able to give your kid time and attention during the week because you are working but you can make weekends more fun for your child. Spend time playing with them, take them out for picnic or to zoo or amusement park, catch up on small things that you missed on during the week.

These tips make parenting a lot easier when you are working and make sure that you don’t lose on the relationship or the time.

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