6 Events When It Depresses To Be Pregnant And Stay Sober

Pregnant And Stay Sober

We all have heard of Murphy’s Law and it applies to almost every event of your life. For instance, when you are pregnant, you will have your friend’s getting married, sister getting engaged, amazing events coming up in the coming months and various other engagements where you would want to let loose and party hard without thinking much about your health and well being. It is a fact that life doesn’t stop for anyone. You can go to the parties but for all those 40 weeks of pregnancy along with some post pregnancy weeks, you have to be sober because you are expecting…!!!!!!

Because you are pregnant, you cannot afford to miss on parties and celebrations in your family. You have to socialize, party with your friends, go for lavish dinners, be a part of family get together because otherwise you will go crazy sitting at home looking at your own condition. Well this article spills the beans on the 6 important occasions in life when it doesn’t feel nice to be pregnant and be sober. These are those events when you want to enjoy, party, eat, get drunk and keep it easy.

1. Weddings

Weddings are the best times to party hard without any breaks. And when you are expecting and you have to attend a wedding, the first thing that comes to your mind is “Why Now?”. It is not that you are not happy for your friend or brother or sister who is getting married but it is just that you are going to miss all the fun you had planned for this special day. You have to make alterations in everything- starting from the dress you are going to wear to the shoes you should be wearing. Most importantly, you will have to be sober at these functions and you cannot even rock the dance floor. For a pregnant woman, the only bonus is to enjoy lavish food and desserts to treat her cravings and be happy.

2. Live Concerts

Concerts are all about amazing music, dance and drama with lots of booze. Well if you are pregnant then it might not be the place for you but nevertheless, you can always find your way out to enjoy it. Listen to the music and be more attentive to the performance that is happening on the stage. Surely, concerts are not the places to be at when you are expecting and be sober but still it is not that bad an experience.

3. Vacations

Whenever you go out on a vacation, the idea is to relax and revive. For doing that, you need to have a few drinks so that you can enjoy the high and feel good. If you are pregnant then how good your vacations go, depends on the location that you have chosen. If it is some romantic destination with beaches around then surely you will miss the booze and you will not be able to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. And the focus of your relax time will shift to other things like food, massage, yoga etc. etc.

4. Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are all about getting drunk, dancing, loud music and all possible unhealthy fun. Being pregnant, you cannot afford to indulge in any of these activities which make bachelorette parties so vibrant and funky. You have to control the urge to drink, dance and just enjoy with the other friends and family members. This is one occasion when you feel like you were either not a part of the party or you were not pregnant because both these things don’t go hand in hand.

5. Festivals

When you are in a festive mood, you just want to relax and enjoy the colorful celebrations happening all around you. This is just not the time when you would want to sit back and get some easy breathing or get tired too quick. If it is New Year approaching then you really feel sick as you will not be able to drink on New Year’s eve which is so sad as everyone around the world will be enjoying their drinks and will be rocking the dance floors and all you can do is sit on one side and sip on some good mocktail. This is another event which is not so interesting and appealing for you when you are expecting.

6. Holiday with Family

A holiday with family is always fun. You get to spend wonderful time with your loved ones but it is not the same when you are expecting because you cannot be a part of the fun thing with them all the time. You have restrictions, which is actually their care and love for you. You cannot sit and enjoy a glass of wine with them because you are expecting and everyone else is enjoying their drinks and having a great relaxed time. All you can do is look at their faces and sip your cup of tea or lemonade.

A pregnant lady tries to avoid all these 6 occasions as she cannot enjoy these times to the fullest because of restrictions on drinking and there is no fun in being sober at these colorful events of your life.

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