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5 Things My Husband dislikes When I’m Pregnant

There may be many reasons for which your husband gets upset during your pregnancy, especially when you shift your attention from him to your baby in the womb. It is true being pregnant is good news not only for the mother, but also it is the same feeling felt by a father. But as the time grows, your husband may hate some of your habits in your pregnancy days, which some people can discuss it with their wives and some remain silent. In the case of mine, my husband expresses those things that keep him annoyed during my pregnancy. I explain those issues in my content below.

1. My hot attitude:

Hot attitude is not in the sense of being sensual, but in the sense of my body temperature. I feel very hot in my pregnancy so much so that I always keep my AC on and complain to husband if he dares to off the AC. Like me, many women feel this problem and probably most of the husbands hate this attitude. Sometimes my husband needs extra blanket and he gets flue and cold at this time. It is definitely a thing that he does not like.

2. My bucket full of complaints:

I think probably all husbands face this irritating nature of us when we start complaining things regarding our husband’s daily chores, even a small thing is enough to make us annoyed in those days of pregnancy. Suddenly, we are behaving as if everything which is going around us is not perfect. The way my husband talks, the way he behaves everything suddenly turn improper. It is one more thing that he adds to the disliking list during my pregnancy.

3. No physical intimacy during the pregnancy:

During my pregnancy, I prefer hugging my pillows to my husband and it is a little bit annoying for him. I have no such desire and I just want to stay in another zone. However, it is true that with time, my husband also has no such feelings to be close together. Anyways, it is another factor that sometimes husbands do not like about their wives in pregnancy days. But, this is very common matter and as the time goes, everyone is waiting for the baby and nothing else.

4. The feeling of being alone:

We always want an extra attention from our husbands during the pregnancy days, but sometimes it does not happen as the same way we want. May they give their best to take care of us, but still we feel we are alone and we feel so lonely during those days. I always keep telling my husband you no more love me and you no more look after me as the way you did. He just hates such things and he always wants to keep those thinking away from me.

5. Some of my unnecessary demands:

In our pregnancy days, we became demanding, at least I feel so. My husband gets tired to fulfill my unnecessary demands, starting from wanting foods at midnight to clearing the mess around me. We started thinking our husband should take more responsibility and even if you they do so, we are ready to find out their mistakes. This thing of mine is not bearable, but still he does not complain anything.


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