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5 Things I Learned Being the First among my friends to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant comes with good news and celebration, but along with this you need to know lots of things about pregnancy that help you to keep your baby healthy. Though, you need not take much trouble when it is about gathering information about pregnancy, because the half of the task is done by your friends. Your friends are your best adviser who tells what you should do and what you should not. But what if you are the first among friends to get pregnant? In my case, I am the first one in my friend group to get pregnant. Though it has a lot of disadvantages, but the feelings are new and all things will happen to you, you are the first to experience it. Here I am going to explain the 5 things I learned being the first among my friends to get pregnant.

1. Friends become your support system:

You may think that when you are pregnant alone, your friends may not be with you all the time, but it is not true. When I told them about my pregnancy, they are just bursting with happiness and they assured me in my ups and downs. Friends are the great help that you can always find by your side to make your mood delight and they support you regardless of the time and the situation.

2. Gathering information about your pregnancy:

Since I was the first to get pregnant, there is no one of my friends who can help in terms of giving advices. So, what you need to do is to gather information from wherever you can and it will help you to make your nine month long journey comparably smoother. Information about staying healthy during your pregnancy makes you confident and gives you the way to tackle any situation.

3. Everything Seems Beautiful Around:

When I was pregnant, everything seemed beautiful around me, even a regular day turned out romantic with my husband. Without any special occasion, you can feel the joy of life when you are pregnant. If you ask me about this feeling then I definitely tell you that it is amazing. Just watching a TV show with my husband makes me happy and that time, I felt, it was my world.

4. Feeling lonely:

It is true that you feel lonely at some point, even though you are with your friend, you can feel isolated from them. This is simply because your body’s demand is different from others during your pregnancy and that is why you are unable to match the mood with your friends. Even I was with my friends, but I could not enjoy the way they did, because my body needed rest and it constantly told me to go to home and take a healthy food. At this time, you can feel the feeling of loneliness.

5. Want to live the childhood again:

Though you have to take the lots of responsibility, but you may want to be a kid again. It is true and at least I felt so in my pregnancy. It may be because of the burden of responsibility that makes a desire to live a carefree life, just like a child. Whatever it is, this feeling makes you happy and cheerful. It is your fun time, so enjoy it.


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