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5 Signs and Symptoms of Miscarriage

Every woman wants to be a mother one day and waits for the pregnancy days where each moment a woman can feel that her baby is growing slowly within her. It is an amazing journey and can be felt only by a mother. When baby belly increases and you sense your baby’s movement in your womb that is a special moment you want to share with your loved ones. But a miscarriage destroys your all hopes and put you in a deep sorrow and pain. The truth is that, miscarriage is a very common thing in pregnancy and if anything goes wrong, there has been a probability of miscarriage.

It is really tough to state the cause of a miscarriage, but some common reasons are the hormonal problems, unhealthy lifestyle and the age which can lead your pregnancy at risk. It is possible that before knowing you are pregnant, a miscarriage can happen, in such cases, the chromosomal imbalance is the main reason which is common in your first trimester. What you can do to prevent such situation is you need to knowledgeable enough of your pregnancy and if you face any miscarriage symptoms, you should consult your gynecologist immediately. Rather than spending your pregnancy days in doubt, you need to be sure that your baby is secure in your womb. Here the possible signs are given below.

Vagina bleeding and unusual vagina discharge:

As the symptoms differ according to the woman health, there is no such general sign of miscarriage. Still, there are some that can be held as the possible symptom of the death of an embryo. Vagina bleeding is one such signs, though in your trimester, light bleeding can be spotted and taken as a normal thing, but you should not ignore it as it may create problems in your pregnancy. There are many unusual vagina discharges that give you an early sign of miscarriage. A large amount of discharge with pink mucus or red and brownish is unusual in pregnancy and if you have any, it is better to consult your gynecologist. Some also find clump or tissue in the discharge and that too is the probable symptom of miscarriage.

Pain in the Abdomen:

Pain in the abdomen is another sign of the miscarriage and if you face such situation, it should be treated immediately. Sometimes the pain is more severe than you generally feel during your menstruation. The pain in this specific area can be a sign of the miscarriage. Along with the pain, if you face the problem in breathing, it can lead you towards the risk. So, if you are conscious enough about your pregnancy, you can prevent your miscarriage.

Hormonal Change:

You need to keep track of the level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), because it identifies whether your pregnancy is normal or not. Generally, this hormone rises during the pregnancy and its level is increasing day by day. So, if you are spotted with any kind of deviation, you should address the problem in a right time before it becomes too late. With the blood test, the level of this hormone can be measured and if your test shows the level is dropping, it is a symptom of your miscarriage.

The movement of fetus:

You can identify if your pregnancy is going right way or not by feeling the fetus movement. Generally, from your fourth month of pregnancy, the movement is felt, but if you feel nothing like this, you need to go for a check up immediately. The fetus movement signs that the baby is growing in your womb and if you spotted nothing, there may be anything wrong in baby’s development and it can be the sign of miscarriage.

Decrease Pregnancy symptoms:

If you suddenly feel decreasing in pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness and frequent urination, which are common in normal cases, it can be the reason of your miscarriage.

Other signs of miscarriage:

There are other signs too, that can give you the early alert of the problem in pregnancy, these are back pain, especially the lower level of the body, fever during your pregnancy days, contractions in your early days of pregnancy, all of which are taken as the signs of miscarriage.

Motherhood is the expensive gift that women are gifted. But, a sudden miscarriage shattered your dream of being a mother. Before this situation turns down your wishes, you need to prevent it. One of the ways to do this is, identify the facts about your pregnancy very well, especially those symptoms that are dangerous to your unborn baby. By knowing these, you can treat your problem with the best medical care.


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