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4 Wonderful Ideas to Make Your Baby Sleep Easy Through Night

It is one of the biggest dreams of every parent that their baby sleeps comfortably at night so that they can also get some healthy uninterrupted sleep. Parenting is not easy and losing on your sleep every night can surely make your days all the more hectic and exhausting. To make sure that your baby enjoys an undisturbed sleep and night and to make sure that you don’t have to rock your little one to sleep, we have come up with this extremely useful post which talks about 4 most amazingly miraculous ways to make sure that your baby sleeps easy at night. Follow these techniques to sleep comfortably every night with your baby enjoying a sound sleep with you.

Prescribed Wake Up Times

This is quite a scientific method in which you have to condition the sleeping habits of your baby by making her sleep at schedules times. In this technique, you must first understand the sleep pattern of waking up of your baby every night. If she gets up at 1 a.m. then wake her up at 12:45 and then do whatever activity you do generally and make her sleep again. Then go with 15 minutes increment on daily basis so that your baby stops waking up on her own and start waiting for her parent to wake her up. Gradually, she will learn to sleep for longer duration’s and ultimately, you can have your baby sleeping all through the night.

Though in this technique, parents have to be very particular with waking up their babies on time to follow the 15 minute increment pattern. And this practice can take up to three to four weeks time to gradually develop the pattern.

Ferber Method

This is one of the most popular ways of getting your baby to sleep. It has been observed that the baby usually develops some kind of association when it comes to falling sleep. Each and every baby has some pattern which leads him or her to sleep. For instance, dozing off while taking breastfeed, rocking and then going to sleep etc. He then would want these patterns to be repeated as and when he wants to sleep.

Ferber method is about putting the baby on his bed or crib and leaving the room after saying goodbye. He will of course begin to cry, allow him to cry for 5 min then sooth him without taking him in your arms and leave. If he cries again then allow him to cry for 10 min now and then increase time by 5 min more and keep repeating this until he goes off to sleep. You must follow the same pattern as and when he wakes up during night and eventually, he would learn to sleep without any support.

Within a week time, your baby will learn to sleep on his own. He would understand that he will not be picked if he cries and if he is in crib, he needs to sleep. But it demands a parent’s dedication and strong will to reinforce this kind of learning.

Attachment Parenting or Family Bed

This is a kind of a sleeping style which is practiced in various countries. In this technique, parents share the bed with their kids for most of the nights as this is a way of making baby sleep better. This is quite a simple technique as more than a method; it is allowing him to sleep with you. It is quite a helpful method as when a baby wakes up during night, seeing his mom and dad right next to him, helps him sleep better. Likewise, if you are breastfeeding your baby, you can comfortably do so without waking up, getting up.

But in this technique, there are chances of baby getting hurt, if the bed is not big enough to comfortably accommodate the family. Baby getting suffocated amongst comforter and pillows sounds quite a common thing. Parents have to be more watchful and careful if they have their baby sleeping with them. Moreover, with time, parents should shift the baby to a crib or a different room.

Reinforce Sleep Rhythms

This technique works on a completely different principle as compared to scheduled awakening. This technique revolves around the approach that if your baby is overtired, he will find it extremely difficult to sleep. So it demands you to be proactive in judging when your baby is sleep and help him fall asleep. For babies up to four months of age, you must keep the waking intervals to 1- 2 hours. And as the baby grows old, make him take nap twice or thrice a day which is quite sufficient. Mothers have to be very smart at anticipating when their babies are sleepy and putting them to sleep at that very moment will always help the baby sleep better.

If the baby sleeps longer than usual, never wake him up. As per Dr. Weissbluth’s, who propagated this technique, if a child sleeps better during day then he will sleep even better at night. Set his sleep time between 6-8 pm and he will always sleep easy and comfortably.


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