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15 Such Things That Are Not Told About Your Pregnant Body

We all have seen lots of movies and heard lots of experiences which tell us quite a lot about the symptoms and side effects of pregnancy that a mother-to-be has to undergo. We all know that an expecting lady suffers from problems like back pain, joint pain, itching, swelling, fatigue, constant peeing, constant hunger, mood swings and nausea. But there is a list of those things that are not told about in the movies or by other experienced ladies that your pregnant body experiences during this 9 months phase. These things are equally important as they are so much evident on your body.

Here is a list of 15 such things that normally we don’t know about and start to experience when we are actually carrying the baby. These are 20 such things that have not been discussed much or mentioned that often. So let us explore these hidden secrets.

1. Protruding Nipples and Darkened Areolas

You will experience that your areolas are getting darker in color and larger in shape.  You may also start to experience extra vigilant sweat glands that will lube that area when you are breastfeeding. Relax, as it is quite normal. Make sure you buy the right kind of bra so that you don’t feel conscious about what is happening to you.

2. Constipation

Seriously, this is one common problem which every expecting mother faces. Due to extra progesterone pumping, your muscles relax and you are constipated. It is very important to keep your system clean and for that you must make sure that you drink more water, walk more so that there is some movement in your intestine, eat small meals, increase intake of fiber in your food and do some prenatal yoga if you can. This will save you from constipation.

3. Sore Boobs

This is the most common pregnancy symptom. Once you have delivered the baby, this is the first change you will experience in your body.

4. Get Ready for Extra Saliva

This is weird but women also experience extra saliva. It is probably because of the hormones or the feeling of nausea. There is nothing to worry about as it is quite normal and during pregnancy all women experience this change.

5. Heartburns

You may experience some of acid indigestion or heartburn which will make you feel as if you are drinking some acid. This is because of progesterone hormone, the purpose of which is to relax the uterus.

6. Extra Sweat

You will experience that you are sweating more than the regular days due to changes in metabolism and hormones due to which there is an increase in blow flow. Even on the coldest nights, you will feel all fine and comfortable unlike other times.

7. May Experience Hemorrhoids

This is not good news!!!! Hemorrhoids are veins that get swelled up in and around rectum. The reasons could be either delivery or constipation. Usually they resolve on their own. All you can do is drink lots of water and keep your system clean.

8. Problem of Congestion

Another problem that you may experience is congestion. Nosebleeds and congestion are quite common because of estrogen. This may cause your nose to swell or some mucous membranes. You may also start to snore while sleeping.

9. Get Ready for Bigger Feet

Suddenly your shoes will start to feel tighter. This is again quite common during pregnancy. This happens when ligaments in your body and of course feet begin to relax. Sometimes it also happens that the size of the feet doesn’t resume to its original size after the delivery. But again, all this is very normal.

10. Ouch!!! Those Leg Cramps

Another very common and less known things are the leg cramps. You are putting on weight and the pressure on your legs is on the rise. It is painful and cramps are quite common. The best thing to do is to flex your foot and straighten it.

11. That Itching on The Skin

No matter how smooth, soft and supple your skin has been before pregnancy, now is the time when you will be horrified to see the change. That itching all over your body will make you mad. It is normal. It is because of estrogen which is responsible for all the itching. The best thing to do is to moisturize your skin will. Applying oil on the skin is surely the best way to get comfortable skin that doesn’t itch much.

12. Sharp Sense of Smell

Your nose was never that sharp in sensing different smells. You can even smell what is cooking in your neighbor’s kitchen. It is thankfully a good symptom that you experience during the 9 months phase provided you don’t have someone bad smelling around you. Though at times your husband might joke about your sharp nose that smells things so quick.

13. Change in Your Skin Pigmentation

Nothing stays the same. Even skin begins to change, thankfully only for that phase. Hyper pigmentation is more evident in those ladies who have dark complexion. This is because there is increased production of melanin cells which cause skin darkening.

14. Opsss!!! Wet Pants

It may sound strange but yes, you may sometimes end up wetting your pants. During pregnancy, you have to rush to the toilet more often because of the pressure on your bladder. So sometimes when you cough or sneeze too hard, you may end up wetting your pants.

15. More Burps and Hiccups

This is another change that you will see in your system. Episodes of burps and hiccups will increase the reasons of which are not very sure.

These 15 things have not been told that often but they do change your life a lot when you are expecting.


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