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10 Things That Surely Make Your Husband The Best Father

When you become a mother, taking care of your child comes naturally to you. You don’t have to make efforts to learn things that you should be doing as a mother. But when we talk about fathers, they take longer to learn things, to get used to of the changes. It is not easy for them to absorb so many changes.

This post talks about the 10 things which only a good father does. So if your husband is doing these ten things then you know that he has become the best father to your kids. So lets us know what things are these…

1. He talks to them and also listens to them

He is there to tell them things which are a part of their upbringing and they are also there to listen to what their children have to say. This requires serious patience for them to listen to all kinds of talks kids do and sometimes there are things that your baby would want to share just with you and not with the mother.

2. He makes time to be with kids

Some fathers thing that buying stuff for kids is their duty. Some understand the importance of spending time with them. But some just desire to be with their children and some make time to spend it with their babies. The best father always takes out time for his kids because the bond develops only when he is there for them.

3. He helps take kids take important decisions

The best father is the one who actively participates in the decision making process with his kid. He listens to what the child has to say, what he wants and helps him make the best choice which will have a strong impact on the child’s life.

4. He motivates them for sports and hobbies

A good father always supports his children to participate in extra-curricular activities which include any sport, dance, music or any other hobby. He also makes sure to be there for his child when he is involved in some competition or has a performance to deliver.

5. He participates in all the tough jobs

Great fathers don’t mind changing the diapers or taking care of kids when they are sick. The responsibly participate in all the activities that are duties of being a parent. They don’t simply shrug of the hard jobs of this responsibility but are always there to share these responsibilities with the mother.

6. He loves being home

Best fathers always come back happy at home. They don’t want to stay out working till late because kids are home and they want their personal time. Rather they stay with them, spending quality time.

7. He physically expresses his love

Good fathers never mind hugging, kissing or cuddling their babies. They love to express their love to their adorable babies with physical touch which is very important.

8. He loves their mother

It is very important for children to know that their father loves their mother. This impacts them a lot. And a good dad always loves their mother and tells them that he does. This expression indirectly helps kids become emotionally stronger adults.

9. He helps them with homework

Great fathers sit with their kids and help them with their homework or project. They don’t mind teaching them a chapter. He is very patient and comfortable while dealing with child’s study.

10. He respects kids and lets them grow

Mature fathers understand that there is a process to learn and grow. They let their children learn things at ease. They always talk to their children with respect.


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