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10 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman With Twins

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling for a woman, but it also comes with lots of responsibilities and nervousness, especially when it is your first pregnancy. So what about carrying twins? It is no doubt to say that women carrying twins enjoy a mix feeling with joy and fear, because this world is new for them and they don’t even know how to tackle the situation calmly. So it is of course a tension journey for them. To make the situation worse, some people say some rubbish things about such pregnancy that may put you in confusion. It is better to avoid those comments that hurt you or increase your tension. The content deals with 10 such things not to say to a pregnant lady with twins.

  1. You are looking huge:

This comment does not make any sense as it is very common, still people say that as if it is not normal. Such comment makes your health poor, so you need to avoid them as much as you can. Keep your confidence high and do everything that keeps you and your baby healthy.

  1. Are you having twins:

This is another comment that you need to ignore. The comment is more like you are big enough and it seems you are having more than 2. So, there is nothing to concentrate on their comments, or it cannot do any good for you, rather it makes the situation worse. So, don’t pay any attention to such rubbish thing; instead follow what your gynecologist says to you.

  1. It seems you are about to pop:

There is no reason to say such thing to a pregnant lady, even when people know that it increases her tension during the pregnancy. If you heard this comment, you should not give your reaction to them. It is a baseless comment and you need to keep yourself away from this. Even in your 10 -18 weeks of pregnancy, you may hear such things.

  1. Are you sure you haven’t more than two:

Even though people know that you are having twins, but relatives and friends leave no corner to bring your mood down by saying such thing. As you are carrying twins, it is very normal to look big, but that does not mean you have any pregnancy issue.

  1. Your post pregnancy period will be difficult for you:

This comment does nothing, but makes you scared. It is true, you have to put more effort to bring up the babies as compared to the woman who carrying one, but it does not mean you cannot handle this. Everything will be all right as the time passes and you will also learn how to handle them and give both of them your time equally.

  1. You may be hungry this time:

People have many wrong notions and this comment reflects this. Carrying twins does not mean you feel hungry always. This comment is the result of their reckless thinking as they don’t know how to speak to a pregnant woman. Craving for foods is very common in pregnancy, no matter it is single, twins or triplets.

  1. Sharing some bad experiences of other pregnant women carrying twins:

There is no need to do this thing, but people around you may not have other work and that is why they pass such comments. During pregnancy, one needs to improve a pregnant lady’s confidence by giving the support; instead they share bad experiences, such as one baby or a mother died during delivery, only makes her weaken.

  1. Bringing up two kids would be economical burden:

It depends on the parents how they bring their kids up and why people make such comment is still unknown. It is just like they showcase their concern for you, but what they forget is your condition and they don’t think that it is not the right time to say such comment. You have to be prepared for everything.

  1. Is it you plan pregnancy:

This is another rubbish thing that you may face. This comment has no need in reality, because people have nothing to know the answer. Every pregnancy brings happiness and you need to learn to ignore such comments that do not have any real value.

  1. You do not have time for sleeping:

This is a very common comment and it definitely irritates you when people make such comments. It makes you worry to think how you can handle two babies at the same time and this nervousness may make trouble in pregnancy. So avoid those which are useless.


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