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10 Things I don’t like About Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is every woman’s dream and it comes with joy and happiness and especially when you become the first time mother. With this good news, everyone around you, feel happy, but what next? As you start going through the nine month long journey, you hate some things about your pregnancy that irritate you or make you poor in energy. Some pregnancy signs you just want to ignore, but you cannot. Apart from these, there are lots of issue woman complain in their pregnancy, such as gaining weight, mood swings and all. During my pregnancy, I also feel the same as the others do and in the content I am going to explain those bad things about pregnancy.

1. Morning Sickness:

Vomiting is such a bad thing I always hate and I am not the lucky one to have a morning sickness free pregnancy. It is really tough for me and it is the difficult one for all pregnant women as well. Those who can deal with such matters, I should say they have an extra energy.

2. Frequent urination:

I don’t explain how it is irritating. Frequent urination during the pregnancy is common and that I wanted to get rid of as soon as possible. It is not the same as well as easy before your pregnancy. So it is another thing that I hate about the pregnancy.

3. Fatigue:

I feel fatigue during the pregnancy and being a working a lady, I can feel the pain as well. Especially in the trimester, it is really hard to ignore oversleep, which is sometimes not ignorable.

4. Mood Swings:

In these days, you do not have any control over your mood and mood swings is another problem of this time. It bothers my husband more than me, so even we know, we are happy and sad, but still the swing happens within just 5 mints.

5. Worry of weight put on:

In your pregnancy days, you generally put on weight and it is very common and if you are health conscious just like me then putting weight is a big worry for you. Thinking about too much of it can make your health poor.

6. Maternity Dresses:

If you love fashion and love to wear trendy clothes, then I can feel your pain of keeping aside your all fashionable clothes and need to choose the maternity dresses with floral or other traditional print. It is not just bearable.

7. Gas:

It is another issue that you need to deal with. I face a constipation issue during my pregnancy, which makes me poor in both physically and mentally.

8. Trouble in sleeping:

During your pregnancy, you may face either oversleep or cannot sleep properly, which is another thing I dislike. The sleeping is most essential thing, but in pregnancy, you have trouble in sleeping.

9. Absent mind:

During my pregnancy, I am really absent minded and I start forgetting things, though it is not common for all the women, but you may spot this forgetful mind in your pregnancy. The most difficult thing is to find out things which you have kept aside.

10. Cravings:

Though all women do not hate the cravings; rather they love their sweet demands from their husbands, but as for me, it does not go with me. I am totally unaware which I crave for, which is not good at all. Go with your body demands, especially for the food is sometimes very irritating.


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