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10 Practical Tips for Having Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is the time when you experience so many emotions at the same time. You are happy, excited, tensed and there are thousands of questions bothering you. One of the things that you keep thinking about is normal delivery versus C-section. Every expecting lady wants to have a normal delivery, even though it is very painful. That’s because we cannot negate the amazing benefits of having a normal delivery compared with C-section.

Sometimes circumstances are such that doctors have to decide on caesarean over normal delivery but here is a list of 10 practical tips that are very helpful in having a baby through a normal delivery. So if you are pregnant then you must gear up from the first trimester of your pregnancy to ensure that you enjoy normal delivery. Imbibe these practical tips in your routine.

1. Yoga and Exercise

One of the most important thing that every pregnant must include in her day plan is yoga and exercising. It is important to increase the strength and stamina of your body by exercising on regular basis since the start. To get maximum benefits, include those exercises and asanas in your regime which provide strength to your pelvic muscles. Kegel is one such exercise which is extremely helpful in strengthening your thigh muscles and pelvic muscles hereby helping you deal with the labor pain with greater ease. Make sure you exercise under the guidance of some expert to avoid doing wrong exercises.

2. Breathing Exercises

It is very important to manage your breathing. You can do so by including breathing exercises so that you don’t get exhausted or tired too easily when you are delivering your baby. it is important to have a smooth and healthy flow of oxygen in your system to help a healthy growth of your child. For that, you can begin with some deep breathing and meditation exercises.

3. Eat Healthy

Diet has an important role to play when it comes to the baby health and health of the mother. You should eat fresh and balanced meals consisting of all the essential nutrients. Avoid foods that are heavy to digest and drink more soups, juices and beverages like coconut water to keep your system hydrated and nourished. The lady who has been eating well during her pregnancy doesn’t suffer from constipation, acetify etc. which makes labor pain a lot easier.

4. Stay Away From Stress

Stress is not good for the expecting mother and baby. You must try and stay away from tense situations and problems. The happier you will be, the more relaxed will be your muscles and you will not experience much of anxiety or stress. To stay happy, do things you like. Watch movies, read books, meet your friends, go out for shopping, take a leisure walk or enjoy a holiday with your husband. These things will keep you happy and smiling.

5. Take Consultations From a Good Doctor

It is essential that you select a good obstetrician. Make sure that you get all your antenatal checkups done regularly to know that everything is going fine. If there are any issues that are bothering you then you must discuss it with your doctor and she will be able to guide you through effectively.

6. Know More About Normal Delivery

It is good to educate yourself about normal delivery so that you are aware about how you must proceed with it. You can always ask your doctor for better guidance. This way you will be able to disconnect with all the doubts and apprehensions you have about delivering a baby in a normal way and you will feel more confident and easy to deal with the situation.

7. Sleep Well

With the passage of time, you might find it a little difficult to get some good sleep but make sure that you sleep well as it is important for the health of your baby. It is essential for the overall growth and development of your child. So make sure that you are able to have sound sleep every day.

8. Balance Between Working and Resting

It is important to rest and it is equally important to work so that your body stays active and healthy. But it is for you to understand that how much you should be resting and working. Do not over-exhaust yourself. Listen to what your body says and follow a routine.

9. Always Have Help Around

Whether it is your friend, your husband, your sister or your mother, always have someone by your side when you are experiencing the labor pains. It is very much important to have someone close around you so that you can feel a little safe. Likewise, during the last month of your pregnancy, do not stay at home all alone. It is always good to have someone with you so that you can ask for help as and when you need or just simply talk your heart out.

10. Avoid Listening Bad Experiences

Another thing that you must avoid is listening to bad experiences as this will leave you with a bad or negative kind of a feeling which is not good. Try and listen to good experiences that can boost your confidence and make you feel happy.

These 10 practical tips are very much essential for having a easy and normal delivery. Follow these tips since the beginning of your pregnancy and stay fit and healthy to have a normal delivery.

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