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10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with lots of signs that make you know you are pregnant; but for this, you need to unfold those issues first and when your time comes, you will definitely be aware of your pregnancy. Most of the women rely on missing their menstruation, but the signs of pregnancy start coming even 10 days after the conception and if you are knowledgeable enough, you could know it is your sign of pregnancy or not. Here the content deals with the 10 early signs of the pregnancy, which are very common when you are pregnant.

1. Sore Breast:

This sign is very common when you are pregnant. It is caused for the hormonal changes and you can feel tingling around your nipples. At your early stage, this sign persists in your body, but as the time goes and when your body gets used to, you may not feel such sensation in later. Generally within a week after you conceive, this sign arises and the reason of this is increasing blood supply to your breast.

2. Spotting:

Spotting means light bleeding and you can find it within the 10 days after your conception. Though this sign cannot be common for all, but still if you find such thing in case of yours, then you can consult your doctor. It may cause when the embryo implements itself in the uterine wall.

3. Cramping:

It is another sign of your pregnancy when you feel cramp because of the uterus stretching, but still you cannot rely on this solely to confirm your pregnancy as it may be the reason of your menstruation.

4. Darker Nipples and Areolas (skin round the nipples):

When you see your nipple gets darker, it generally means you are pregnant. Though it is not the early sign, but you can spot it within eight weeks. It is caused by various pregnancy hormones and due to the hormonal change. You can even notice the bumps around your nipples.

5. Frequent Urination:

Frequent urination is caused by the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormones in your body, which is produced only during your pregnancy. This hormone increases the emission of estrogen and progesterone, which are vital in your pregnancy. With the sudden hormonal changes, frequent urination is very common.

6. Fatigue:

You feel fatigue in your pregnancy and you may always want to sleep due to the tiredness and this situation may continue throughout your first trimester. Fatigue is very common; as your body needs the energy for your baby’s development, you feel such situation. Short breathing is another issue you are spotted in your pregnancy days due to the lack of oxygen as your body needs more oxygen supply in your pregnancy.

7. Morning Sickness:

Morning sickness is very common in your early days of pregnancy and nausea and vomiting is very common. Though it has no clear reason, but it may happen because of the hormonal changes.

8. Power of Smell:

Suddenly you feel that, your power of smell is increased, though in a bad way. Even a good thing can smell bad for you and now you can imagine your feelings when you are around the dustbin.

9. Food Craving:

It is another sign of your pregnancy and you can feel the cravings for the food, especially in your first trimester. It is simply because your body craves for the food.

10. Missing your Period:

It is a most common thing that makes a woman aware of their pregnancy and it may the surest one among the list. Missing periods means no ovulation that means you are pregnant. You can go for the pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.


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