10 Diet Do’s and Don’ts Every Pregnant Indian Woman Should Follow

healthy diet Indian pregnant woman

Food has the most important role to play when it comes to health during pregnancy. Right diet is very much essential for the expecting mother and the baby inside the womb so that he is able to have a healthy growth. But it so happens that Indian women are not much aware of the diet don’ts and dos they need to follow to stay healthy and fit.

This article brings a list of 10 important dos and don’ts that every pregnant lady in India should follow without fail to have a healthy pregnancy. Remember a balanced diet is what is needed.

1. Don’t go by the myth “Eat for Two”

We often hear people saying that pregnant women should increase their diet by double as they are eating for two. But one should eat the amount one feels comfortable with. Over-eating is not the wise thing to do as excessive weight gain and constipation are a few problems which can cause lots of problem to your baby and your body. So eat easy.

2. Go for Balanced Diet

Whatever you eat, it has to be a balanced diet. You are required to include all kinds of food from different food groups in order to enjoy a wholesome healthy diet. Have green leafy vegetables, dairy products, fresh fruits etc. make up a healthy balanced diet.

3. Avoid Food with Acetic Nature

During pregnancy, constipation, acidity, gastric troubles are quite common and it is advised that you must control them with your diet. Avoid eating food items with acidic nature that include curd, pizza, bakery bread, bun, tamarind etc. if you are suffering from swelling and acidity. In case, you are not having these issues then have these items in small quantity.

4. Eat Food Items with Iron Content

Iron is very important during pregnancy. It is needed to develop red blood cells. It is also needed to have a good oxygen circulation in your body. The best source of iron is green leafy vegetables, drumsticks, beet etc. So make sure you have any of these items on regular basis.

5. Avoid Heavy to Digest Food

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy. Hence, all pregnant ladies must avoid intake of food items that are heavy to digest like peas, brinjal, sweet potato, chicken, eggs etc. so that they can enjoy comfortable motions without any external dose of medicine.

6. Avoid Food That is Not Fresh

A pregnant lady must only eat food that is freshly cooked. Consuming items that are leftovers of yesterday’s meal or eating frozen foods is surely not a good thing for an expecting lady as it is very heavy to digest and doesn’t even contain enough nutrients. Whenever you are hungry, go for freshly cooked meal as this will always keep your gut healthy and happy.

7. Beverages to Avoid

Tea, coffee, alcohol are the beverages no expecting lady should include in her diet. It can be really very damaging for her baby’s health. If you want you can have milk, but in small quantities. Do not have an overdose of milk as it is not healthy. Something that is really soothing and healthy for an expecting lady is coconut water and you can have it as and when you wish to.

8. Sprinkle Some Sesame Seeds on Salads

If you have included salads in your diet then you must sprinkle some sesame seeds over it as it is considered to be a rich source of folic acid which is very much essential in right DNA synthesis of the fetus. Hence, including it in your diet brings along great benefits for the baby and the mother.

9. Include Vegetable Soup or Juice in Your Meal

Eating a bowl full of vegetable soup or drinking a glass of vegetable juice on regular basis is a wonderful food for expecting woman. It is quick and easy to cook and works as a great snack between your meals when you wish to munch on something small.

10. Include Items Made with Rice and Wheat

You can always include in your day diet items made with rice and wheat as they are considered quite beneficial. You can have rice, biriyani, pulao, khichadi, parantha etc. made out of these two cereals to enjoy a filling and healthy meal.

These are some of the dos and don’ts of food diet that every pregnant lady should keep in mind so that there is a wholesome meal with all kinds of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins.

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