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10 Comments Not To Say To A Mom Expecting Another Boy

Are you expecting another baby boy? Then you should be prepared yourself mentally because there are some people who are ready to pull you down emotionally. After all, it is your decision to be a mother of another baby boy and don’t pay any attention to what others say about it. You can face some hurting comments that may put you in nervousness and tension, so it is better to avoid those things. Relatives and friends should also be careful not to make such comments that make the situation worse for a pregnant woman. The content deals with 10 comments you should not say to a mom expecting another boy.

1. Are sure you will get a boy this time:

If you want a boy, then there is no wrong in it, but some comments like this may hurt you. What you need to do is avoid them when you face such thing, though you can politely reply them that you are sure so far and you will accept whatever it will be.

2. Is it for the girl?

People, be it your relative or stranger, all are trying to interfere in your personal life and they would like to know why you get pregnant. This is so embarrassing, because it is your personal life and your own wish to be a mom of another boy, so there is no shocking in it. People easily think you get pregnant for having a girl, but when they know it is for another boy then they give a cold look and it is not expected.

3. What would you do if it is a girl? Will you feel disappointed?

This is another baseless comment and there is no need to ask such question to a mother who expects another boy. It is true, when her wish will not be fulfilled, a little disappointment is very common and for this you don’t need to remind her of such things.

4. At least plan something general for your baby:

This sentence has no use in your life, especially those which are starting with ‘at least’. Plan something general means they want to say you need to prepare yourself for a girl too. This thing hurts you as you are expecting another boy. It is better to avoid those things as long as your health is concerned.

5. Is it your planned pregnancy:

Such comment does not do any good, rather it makes her sad. The thing is what the other would do to learn whether it is planned or not. When people say such things, then it makes a very bad situation which seems as if you did something wrong. Say you need to keep such things away from you.

6. Your husband must be excited:

Don’t say such thing to a mom who is expecting another boy, because it should be your common sense. No matter it is a first baby or second or third, excitement is always the same. Don’t ask such question to a pregnant woman.

7. Will you go for another one:

This comment definitely makes you annoyed, because there is no need to say such thing to a pregnant lady. You have to be calm enough to tackle such things beautifully, or you can give the answer in a very polite manner.

8. Sharing personal experience of having two or more baby boy, negatively:

Some people are always ready to bring your happy mood down by sharing some bad experiences of pregnancy with you. You should ignore those things because what they felt you may not feel because pregnancy depends on the physical condition of the pregnant woman.

9. Some people say after having 3 babies of the same gender, your body longs for an opposite one:

If you heard such things, then you should not give your reaction as there is no science behind it. It is just another superstition which people believe and that may make you afraid. Pregnancy depends on you and nothing else.

10. You lose your femininity:

Such comment is nothing but make you scared. Believing such things makes your situation worse, whereas ignoring such things can make your future bright. Now the choice is yours. People should also think while making such comment, because their reckless thought could harm a pregnant lady. You can avoid such things by giving some intelligent answer, so they don’t dare to put such question up again.


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