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10 Best Baby Formula Milk Powders Available In India

While picking anything for your little darling, you are always very cautious and particular because your newborn baby needs intense care. When it comes to feeding your little one, surely breastfeeding is best for his health and growth but you also need to have a substitute to it in case there is not enough milk supply or your baby feels hungry even after breast feed. Well, baby milk powders are the next best choice after breastfeed. Seeing the extensive range of infant formula milk in the market, chances are that you might get confused with which brand to pick for your newborn baby.

To make sure that you have picked the best baby milk powder for your infant, you have to do a little homework. Make sure that you ask your paediatrician about which brand to pick as doctor is the best person to tell that. To help you make the best pick, we have listed below the 10 best baby milk powders available in Indian market. These are the topmost ranking choices:

1. Nestle Lactogen:

Nestle Lactogen Baby Milk PowderNestle Lactogen is the favorite milk powder brand for every mother. This formula milk is made using maltodextrin, whey proteins and essential nutrients. This is a wonderful combination which ensures best growth in the early months of the baby. Lactogen 1 is for babies up to 6 months and Lactogen 2 and Lactogen 3 make good choice for kids beyond 6 months.

2. Dexolac:

dexolac premium 1 milk powder If you are looking for immediate replacement to milk then Dexolac is the choice. Presence of amino acids and lecithin in high quantity in this formula is helpful in overall growth and brain development in newborn babies.  Dexolac Premium 1 is a good choice to begin with followed by Dexolac.

3. Lactodex:

Lactodex baby formulaLactodex is another known brand in India for baby milk powder. If your baby is above 6 months of age then Lactodex 2 is a great supplement for him as it is rich in nutrient content. This is formulated to promote overall growth of your little baby.

4. NAN Pro 1:

NAN Pro 1 baby milk powderThis is another popular milk powder from Nestle. This is a nutritious instant milk formula consisting of fatty acids, immunoproteins and pre­blend nutrients. This combination is very effective in imparting immunity to the infant and ensuring brain development in little babies.

5. Aptamil First:

Aptamil First baby milkAptamil First is another name in the list. This milk formula for babies is highly rich in contents like anti oxidants, prebiotics, nucleotides and 2 LCPs.  Give this milk powder for better immunity to your baby. This is a highly recommended milk substitute for infants, especially in case of those newborn babies who don’t get enough breastfeed.

6. Similac Formula Stage 1:

 Similac Formula Stage 1Similac is a promising milk powder for infants. This combination contains proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates, along with Omega 3 fatty acids which make this supplement a wonderful supplement which supports better immunity and growth of brain cells in infants.

7. Enfamil A+:

Enfamil A+ baby formula IndiaEnfamil A+ is a wholesome milk powder which contains whey proteins and casein along with clinically recommended quantities of DHA and ARA and also GOS and polydextrose which make it a complete combination for physical and mental develop of your baby.

8. SMA First Infant Formula:

SMA First Infant Formula IndiaRich in essential nutrients for newborn baby, SMA First Infant Formula is highly recommended for all those infants who do not get proper breast feed. Loaded with whey proteins, 6 fatty acids and Omega 3, this formula comes with amazing digestive properties along with high nutrition that ensure good growth in infants.

9. Wockhardt Farex 1:

Wockhardt Farex 1 IndiaThis is another amazing infant formula which is rich in proteins, essential vitamins and minerals. This is a wonderful combination which can be given along with mother’s milk to give your baby a wholesome diet and overall growth.

10. Nutrilon 1 Standard:

Nutrilon 1 StandardNutrition 1 Standard is a combination of vitamins, proteins and minerals which make it a wholesome milk powder. It is a promising brand which not only helps in brain development but also ensures healthier bones.

With the list of most popular and promising milk powders in India which are healthy and nutritious supplements for breastfeed for newborn babies.


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