11 Interesting Signs That Tell You Have Found Your MBFF

You Have Found Your MBFF

When you take out your baby for an evening walk, you saw her playing with her little one at the park or met her at mother-toddler class. You sit and chit chat with her sharing your experiences as mother and knowing that she is also facing similar issues. You both are able to jell well because of your similar conditions due to which you are able to empathize with each other. If you are sharing this kind of bond with someone then you surely have found your MBFF i.e. mom best friend forever with whom you can share secrets and complains of motherhood.

This article talks about 11 interesting signs which tell that yes, you surely have found your MBFF. Let us find out these signs and signals.

  1. She has started using the same nick names

You have noticed her using the same pet names, the ones you use for your little one. This will surely strike the first chord for you and you will know that yes she is one who connects so naturally with you.

  1. She has seen you in a literal mess

Mothers find it really difficult to keep their rooms clean and tidy as they are so busy with their babies. And having a friend who has seen you in such a mess when you room is all dirty is finding the one who is your MBFF. There is dirty laundry on the couch, there are fresh clothes on the bed needed to be kept in the cupboard and various other things that need attention. She is the one who will make you a cup of coffee or tea or may be pour some wine for you and make you feel relaxed.

  1. She is there to listen to your heart

With babies, you have so much to manage. It is not just the house, husband or the kid but there are lots of other things like complaints from in-laws that keep you furious. You can call your friend at the oddest hour just to speak your heart out and feel a lot better. She is someone who will make you feel a lot at ease just by listening to what you have to say.

  1. She is always there to parent your kids and you can parent her babies

If you have gained enough compatibility and understanding on a mutual level to manage her babies and have her parent yours then this is another very important signal that she is your MBFF as she knows how you manage your baby and you also know the same about her child. You both can easily baby sit for each other’s babies.

  1. She is always there to listen to your complains

Sometimes you just need someone to listen to your complains without putting up any questions. From discussing issues related with your baby to other social faces and in-laws, you can talk about everything to feel light and just be yourself without anything to put on or follow the social norms. You can even tell her about your dog, about your waist size and any weird thing on the planet about which you cant complain to anyone else as she will never judge you.

  1. She is there for you

If you are in some mess then she is always there with you, to stand by you and be your support system. She will never let you breakout at those sensitive moments by becoming your strength. She will act as a protective shield for you by giving you all the strength to face those difficult times in life when you need someone special and caring by your side.

  1. You don’t hesitate sharing clothes

You know she is your MBFF if you don’t mind sharing your clothes with her. You are very easy to share everything that you have, from your clothes to baby wipes and diapers. She is someone who knows what coffee you like and randomly picks it for you while coming your home to see you. She is someone with whom you can easily share your stuff.

  1. You help each other clean

You two are too open with each other. She has helped you clean your dishes and you have helped her clean her room. You both have been the best friends who have always been there for each other when you were needed the most. You don’t mind lending her a helping hand way before she asks for it and you experience the same kind of response for her. You two accommodate very easy and very well.

  1. Sisters from different mothers

You two are like sisters from different mothers. You don’t mind dividing your house work, sharing childcare and seek each other’s help as and when needed without any formalities or hesitation. Except for sharing your husbands, there is nothing else that you don’t want to share. You love to live like the best buddies and sisters who are always there for each other.

  1. You develop a code language

You two start developing some code language signs that help you communicate when you have other people around. This maintains the secrecy of your conversation and you can exchange your thoughts without having to express them in public in clean and clear words. If you share this kind of binding with someone then surely you have found your MBFF.

  1. You shop for baby stuff together

You don’t mind going together for shopping stuff for your baby. From diapers to baby wipes to baby cosmetics and creams to baby clothes and baby foods, you shop for everything together. You even share similar brands when it comes to food and cosmetics. God!!! You two have similar tastes too.

These are some signs which clearly reflect that you have a mom best friend forever.

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